Home series #2

Amir Kuckovic

Home Series are conversations with friends of Minor Things about parenthood, work-life balance and treasured items.

Amir Kuckovic

Amir was born in Bosnia, raised in Catalonia, now living in Copenhagen with his wife Frederikke and their daughter Paula. He works as a fashion photographer and owns Botiga.dk, importing and selling Catalan goodies.

When did you become a parent, and what surprised you most about the transition?

I became a parent on April 11th 2023, and since then, I've noticed a significant shift in my perception of time. Everything seems to take longer to accomplish, and days can feel both long and short, even without accomplishing many specific tasks.

How has having a child affected your work life?

At the moment, I am carefully planning my meetings and work schedule around Paula's needs, which include doctor appointments, institutional commitments, and holidays. This means that I need to be more mindful when scheduling work trips or any other engagements.

How do you prioritize self-care while living a busy family life?

Honestly, it's challenging, but currently, the main aspect of self-care I can prioritize is focusing on my diet and hydration. I don't have much time for workouts at the moment, but it's part of my future plan to allocate this time for myself.

Bed Canopy Sand in Paula's room
Nightingale Mobile above the nursing table

Can you tell us about an item from your home that holds sentimental value to you, and explain why?

One of the most cherished possessions in my home is a vase crafted by one of my closest friends for my wedding. She is a highly skilled ceramist: @eterlara

What is the best second-hand purchase you’ve ever made?

A great second-hand purchase I have made is a toybox for Paula. I bought it for 40 kr in Bornholm during a family trip when she was just one month old. I had bought similar ones as gifts before and I also really wanted one myself for storage in Paula’s room.

Growth Chart Yellow in the living room
Amir's vase made by Esther Lara

What are your favorite places to go with kids in Copenhagen?

I've been going for walks with Paula. When we're not walking, we like to visit bakeries such as Andersen Bakery. However, now that spring is arriving, I plan to spend much more time with Paula in the parks of Copenhagen!

Do you have any exciting plans for a family trip in the near future?

I'm visiting my mother in Catalonia, spending time with her and my friends. We'll also visit Eva, a wine producer at the Comalats cellar. They have a lovely family and a son at Paula’s age. We have rented a summer house from them, which will serve as our base to visit other wine producers, taste new wines, discuss plans, and escape city life. It's a chance to immerse ourselves in rural living.

Nightingale Mobile above the nursing table
Paula in her room

What is one piece of advice you would give to other upcoming parents?

Children grow up fast, as they say in the movies. Therefore, it's important to be present in the moment and cherish the simple things. Avoid complicating your life with too many tasks and remember to appreciate the special moments you have with your child.

The interview has been edited for clarity.
Published on April 5th, 2024.