Home series #3

Katrine Møbius

Home Series are conversations with friends of Minor Things about parenthood, work-life balance and treasured items.

Katrine Møbius

Katrine lives in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, with her boyfriend, Frederik, and their two children, Bille and Bobbie Rose. She works as a freelance photographer specializing in fashion and lifestyle.

When did you become a parent, and what surprised you most about the transition?

We became parents to Bille, my firstborn, in November 2019. He came into the world in a very traumatic way, so what surprised me the most was the feeling of being alone with a lot of emotions and concerns, while simultaneously experiencing complete dedication to motherhood. So, all in all, there were A LOT of feelings.

Bille and I share a very special bond because we spent all our time together during the first two years of his life. When Bobbie Rose arrived last year, she healed many of the challenges we had faced with Bille. I love seeing them grow closer to each other day by day.

Yellowhammer Mobile in Bobbie Rose's little corner
Daisy Bedding Blue with a selection of Bille's findings

How has having a child affected your work life?

It has greatly impacted my work life, but in the best way imaginable. I believe the combination of parenthood and freelance work offers the optimal balance for me. The flexibility allows me to spend time with my kids while pursuing my passions outside the home, returning with renewed energy. Coordinating schedules for the whole family isn't always easy, but currently, it's manageable. I've learned that balance is crucial, and I feel privileged to work in this manner.

Bed Canopy Sand creates a cozy environment in the living room
Dog Coat Rack for Bille and Bobbie Rose

Can you tell us about an item from your home that holds sentimental value to you, and explain why?

I have several items that hold significant meaning for me. My sister crafted this small ceramic plate for me, and the ring depicted in the picture was made by my dad when I was a child. Both my father and sister hold special places in my heart, and these items are little reminders of the creativity I inherited from them.

What is the best second-hand purchase you’ve ever made?

Uhh, difficult question. I once bought an Asafo flag on DBA, and I think it's a lovely alternative to a painting on the wall. The Asafo flags are created by the Fante people in Ghana. I particularly love the blue figure.

An Asafo flag created by the Fante people in Ghana
Katrine's cherished items

What are your favorite places to go with kids in Copenhagen?

Okay, this is very local :) I believe Kihoskh on Sønder Boulevard receives a significant income every month because of me and my little family. We enjoy going there to sit for a while, having a bun or a hot chocolate. I also love taking bike trips with the kids to places with broader horizons. Museums are always enjoyable, although Bille often remarks that the paintings and art are scary, haha.

Do you have any exciting plans for a family trip in the near future?

We're spending the entire summer at my mom's summer house in Bornholm, and I'm really looking forward to getting out of the city.

Daisy Bedding Blue with Bobbie Rose's favorite teddies

Pacifier Clip Red Daisy

How do you prioritize self-care while living a family life? 

Working on it ;) I find it really challenging to prioritize, but for me, self-care comes in many forms. It could be something as small as treating myself to a good cup of coffee or sending a text to a dear friend. I believe it's crucial to carve out those little moments of respite every day.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other upcoming parents?

Go with whatever feels right for you and trust yourself in whatever feeling that is <3

The interview has been edited for clarity.
Published on May 1st, 2024.