Minor Things was founded with a focus on fewer, but better products.

That's why we create pieces that last. No trends or shortcuts.
And we minimize our environmental impact through four main focus areas.


Quality Materials

We only use materials of the highest quality — whether that's organic cotton for our growth charts or European oak for our coat racks.

Always looking to source from within Europe means all our materials adhere to EU manufacturing regulations.


Regional Supply Chain

We work with manufacturers as close to Denmark as possible to ensure better working conditions and shorter shipping routes.

Our partners are located in Denmark, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Poland.


Responsible Packaging

To minimise our impact in the shipping process, our products are wrapped in FSC-certified silk paper and sent in recycled cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

All our cardstock is printed in Copenhagen on 100% recycled paper.


Climate Projects

Since October 2023, we donate through the non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects (via TheGoodAPI) to plant one tree for every product sold on our webshop, including B2B sales.

Always Improving

We want to be fully transparent about our sustainability initiatives.
If you have any questions about a specific product or suggestions, please reach out.