Home series #1

Freja Bak Josias

Home Series are conversations with friends of Minor Things about parenthood, work-life balance and treasured items.

Freja Bak Josias

Freja lives in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, with her husband Magnus and their daughter Ruth, and works for an architectural firm specializing in preserving listed buildings.

When did you become a parent, and what surprised you most about the transition?

We became parents to Ruth in May 2022, and the most dramatic change was the limits to freedom. I remember feeling so stuck when she was sleeping on the summer evenings, and we felt like taking an evening walk. Looking back, we could’ve just brought her in her stroller, but that didn’t seem like an option at the time.

How has having a child affected your work life?

It has affected the hours during which I do my work. Before Ruth, I would be in the office from 8 am to 4 pm, but now I’m there from 9 am to 3 pm, and then I work again from 7 to 9 pm when she sleeps. It works because I get to pick her up early and spend some daytime with her, and I really enjoy that. I’m very lucky to have that flexibility in my job.

Robin Mobile hanging over the classic Juno bed
Dog Coat Rack in the hallway accompanied by Dorothee Becker's iconic Uten Silo produced by Vitra

Can you tell us about an item from your home that holds sentimental value to you, and explain why?

I have some books from my dad about old Copenhagen and cookbooks that he wrote and signed for me. My dad passed away in 2017, so they feel like a part of him here with me.

What is the best second-hand purchase you’ve ever made?

My Børge Mogensen dining table. I have it in storage at the moment, but I love that table so much and it’s so rare! I’m going to keep that forever and hopefully my child will inherit it.

Bed Canopy Blue and Daisy Bedding Red
Freja's vintage Børge Mogensen dining table with Eames chairs and Lithography by Farshad Farzankia

What are your favorite places to go with kids in Copenhagen?

We have great playgrounds around Copenhagen that I frequently visit all year round. I also enjoy visiting the SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) and any bakery for a coffee and a bun for Ruth.

Do you have any exciting plans for a family trip in the near future?

Yes! We are planning a month-long trip in January/February 2025 (not super near future), and we're excited about the prospect of a longer journey for the three of us. The destination isn't entirely decided yet, but Oman or Central America are among the options we're considering. Additionally, we have some short trips planned for this summer, which we're looking forward to.

Bed Canopy Blue in a corner of Ruth's room

What is one piece of advice you would give to other upcoming parents?

Go out on evening walks with your baby if you feel stuck 🤍

The interview has been edited for clarity.
Published on March 25th, 2024.