Questions & Answers

Where should I hang the coat rack?

We designed the coat rack to be a part of the family wardrobe, i.e., mounted next to the parent's coat rack. However, we think it fits really well in the kid's room as well!

At what height should I mount the coat rack?

We suggest these heights (measured from the top of the coat rack to the floor):

Up to four years old — 105 cm
Five to six years old — 125 cm
Seven to eight years old — 135 cm
From nine years old — 155 cm or higher

What is water-based lacquer?

Water-based lacquer is a finish made with acrylic and other water-based resins. It is a popular alternative to traditional solvent-based lacquers because it has lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) levels and is less toxic. Water-based lacquer dries quickly, has a low odor, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


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